Deep into Deep Space Nine

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This is a journal just for my fanfic and ST-related (mostly DS9) material. My more general journal, in which I discuss science, technology, psychology, politics, language, cooking, interesting news and general musings, can be found under "pixellle": http://pixellle.livejournal.com/

My fanfic can be found here: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/13956.html

I am a photographer by profession. Please e-mail me if you're interested in seeing my website, which highlights my fine art photography and portrait photography, including dogs, children and families. I like to keep my professional life as separate as possible from my Star Trek fanfiction life, so I don't want to list my photography webiste or blog here. If you'd like to see my Star Trek-related photography, check out my photos from past Creation Entertainment Star Trek Conventions in Las Vegas, at my ST flickr page, under the name "preloc and kanar." In 2011, my photographs are featured on the Creation Entertainment Star Trek Convention, Las Vegas home page.

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