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"Nightingale Woman"

In "Where No Man Has Gone Before," Gary Mitchel quotes a poem by Phineas Tarbolde, and calls it "one of the passionate love sonnets of its time." The lines he quoted were:

"My love has wings, slender feathered things,/with grace and upswept curve and tapered tip."

Back ages ago, when I was in my teens, I decided to write the rest of the poem, as I'm sure many people have done. Here's my version:

Nightingale Woman

My love has wings, slender, feathered things,
with grace and upswept curve and tapered tip,
soft and sliding underneath the grip
of my bewildered, alien hands. She sings:
curving tunes that bind my mind in rings
of turning sound, soft silver notes that rip
my heart, though they are gentle as the dip
and swirl of brown and russet on her wings.
It is impossible that we should fit
body to body, desire to desire.
My lips touch hers. She sings afresh,
voice rising like the double moon that lit
us through her trees. She steps from her attire.
Her wings spread wide, then close about my flesh.

(Old) Star Trek TOS Trivia Quiz

OK, here's the trivia quiz I wrote long, long ago.  All the questions have to do with TOS -- that's all there was then!  I actually think this is fairly easy, and it's kinda one-dimensional -- it's mostly identifing quotes --  but still, it's amusing.

Star Trek Trivia Quiz

Quiz under hereCollapse )

A blast from the past

I was cleaning out a closet in the basement, and I stumbled upon my Star Trek notebooks from (gulp!) 1974. (I was 17.) In them, I have:
  • the program from the 1974 ST Con at the Commodore Hotel in New York,
  • a Star Trek Trivia Quiz I wrote,
  • an essay I wrote, "Vulcan: The Planet and the People,"
  • a fandom vocabulary,
  • a listing of Star Trek fanzines, along with favorite authors and specific stories, as well as subscription info,
  • various sketches, and
  • three poems --

a poem (that should probably be song lyrics) of McCoy speaking with concern to Christine Chapel about her love for Spock;

an amusing ditty, "The Red Shirt's Lament;"

and one I am actually still rather impressed with, my version of completing "The Nightingale Woman" fragment, by Phineas Tarbolde ("Where No Man Has Gone Before," TOS. (Of course it was TOS -- there was nothing else, then!) Has anyone else done this?

I'm off to google the names of the authors I'd taken note of, to see if any of them (you??) are still around. I can't tell you how much fun I had going through these!!! Just had to share. I'll post any of the above if anyone's interested.

Real life "superheroes"

OK, this is a bit weird. Sound more like fiction than reality. But I love it!


Shatner's film, "The Captains"

Just saw Shatner's film, "The Captains." It was actually pretty good. Shatner, such a sly and smart and able manipulator of his personna, earnestly interviews Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula and Pine about their experiences and thoughts regarding their Star Trek roles. He also includes footage of conventions and some of his own thoughts. Apparently, he has, in recent years, come to an epiphany regarding his view of the Star Trek phenomenon.

Here's a link:

..., or at least, beginning to plan to plan how to travel to other star systems. By The New York Times, mind you!! Now all I have to do is figure out how to live another 150 or 250 years, so I can see the fun stuff that's to come...



ST Con photos on Creation website!

Gary Berman, one of the Creation Entertainment principals, asked me if he could use some of my photos on the website. They're up now:


This makes me happy. Oh, yes.

Photos from Las Vegas Con, 2011

This is only a small selection of the photos I took at the Con.  Have a look!  I haven't gotten to the Terry Farrell shots yet.


Vegas con 2011 photos coming soon

... Patrick Stewart, you are just too damn photogenic. How am I ever going to weed down the photos of you to a reasonable number?

Anyway, great time at the Con and took tons of pix (as usual)! I'll get them up ASAP. Better to put them all up at once, right, rather than bit by bit?

Parents keep child's gender a secret (OT)

What do you folks think about this story:


I think it's fascinating, but complicated.  It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.