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Here are links to all my fanfiction.

My fanfiction involves Star Trek, specifically, Deep Space Nine. More specifically, these stories are all Garak/Bashir.

Note: These fics, while they range from PG to NC-17, are all, overtly or obliquely, slash stories, i.e., they entail or imply a homosexual relationship, actual or desired. If this disturbs you, offends you or if it simply is not to your taste, please don't read.

Summary: Dukat takes revenge on Garak
Rating: R/NC-17
This story was my very first attempt at fan fiction. Although it indulges in some cliches of the Garak/Bashir genre, I like it for its exploration of the ways that Cardassians differ from humans, looking at anatomy, the senses, and language.

This story is in 6 parts.
"Marked," 1/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/1472.html
"Marked," 2/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/1557.html
"Marked," 3/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/1850.html
"Marked," 4/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/2213.html
"Marked," 5/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/2450.html
"Marked," 6/6: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/2720.html

Summary: Takes place immediately after "Broken Link;" Garak deals with the consequences of his attempted genocide of the Founders, and must consider what is worth great personal sacrifice for a greater good.
Rating: PG-13/R for implied slash

This story is in 4 parts.
"Sacrifice," 1/4: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/3832.html
"Sacrifice," 2/4: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/4086.html
"Sacrifice," 3/4: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/4122.html
"Sacrifice," 4/4: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/4563.html

Summary: Following the events of "Inquisition," Garak visits Bashir in his quarters. (To refresh your memory, in "Inquisition," Bashir is accused of being an unwitting spy for the Dominion, is interrogated, has every questionable decision he’s made thrown in his face as evidence against him, is convinced that no one believes him, and is subjected to various threats and assorted nasty mind-games.)
Rating: PG

"Oasis": http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/5307.html


Summary: Garak mulls his life and relationships during and immediately following “Chrysalis,” with references to “Afterimage.”(To refresh your memory, "Chrysalis" is the "Sarina" episode where Bashir falls in love with a genetically-enhanced woman whom he's just helped recover from a catatonic-like state, and "Afterimage" is the episode about Garak's claustrophobia.)
Rating: PG

"Shadow": http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/6452.html

"Especially the Lies" (final version)
Summary: Garak tells a story of his childhood.
This story went through two incarnations. This was the second, revised version. I think it's an improvement over the original, tighter and more cohesive, but I had a lingering affection for certain parts of the original. The original is still available in my journal.
Rating: R

This story is in 5 parts.
"Especially the Lies," part 1/5: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/9188.html
"Especially the Lies," part 2/5: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/9421.html
"Especially the Lies," part 3/5: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/9536.html
"Especially the Lies," part 4/5: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/9907.html
"Especially the Lies," part 5/5: http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/10101.html

Summary: Bashir makes a decision. Takes place early-to-mid seventh season.

"Choice": http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/11066.html

Summary: Garak's new life as an exile: What was it like for him after the Cardassians left the station? Begins shortly before the start of the series, ends at the beginning of "Past Prologue," the second episode.
Rating: PG

"Prologue": http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/12138.html

"For Tain's Sake"

Summary: In “Improbable Cause,” Garak must prove his loyalty to Tain. What if it had been Bashir instead of Odo? Basically a PWP.
Rating: NC-17

"For Tain's Sake": http://prelocandkanar.livejournal.com/12403.html

"Blind Date"

Summary: Julian suffers a set-back, but finds the silver lining.
Rating: R


Summary: Jake discovers things about the residents of DS9 that he never knew.
This is an light ensemble piece, with just a dash of Garak/Bashir.
Rating: PG-13


Summary: During the episode "The Wire," Dr. Bashir helps Garak through his ordeal.
Rating: R/NC-17


"Apple" or "Forbidden Fruit"
Summary: Bashir and Garak discuss the story of The Garden of Eden over lunch.
Rating: PG-13


Hope you enjoy!

I keep a non-ST journal, as well. It's filled with lightweight ramblings about science, technology, language, politics, psychology, fun links, interesting news, cooking, and other random musings. If that sounds like your cup of kanar, I invite you to take a peek here: http://pixellle.livejournal.com/


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Jan. 21st, 2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
Just re-read "Marked"--forgotten how much I absolutely loved that fic!
Jan. 21st, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! That's so sweet for you to let me know -- it really made my day! :D

I decided enough time had gone by since I originally posted these, and we've gotten a bunch of new DS9 fans looking for fanfic, that it would be OK to kinda pimp these around a bit. I re-read them, and (thankfully - whew!) I still like them, too.
Aug. 26th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
First : I have to apologize for my bad english. I'm from germany and several years passed by since my english-teacher gave me my last lessons ;-)
Now to my topic:
I'm so grateful for your sharing those storys! I thank you very much! I really enjoyed reading them (the most of them more than one time with some help of dictionary and google X-()

You really managed to touch me deeply with your beautyful writing-style. You catch the characters quite well, as many people told you before.
You are one of the few artists in this fandom who was able to draw my attention from the very first line until the end of each story. The telling (? is that the right word ???)is straight, I feel the love you put in every story, the sympathy for the characters and your interpretation of them (both) is mostly the same as mine.

I like it when Julian and Garak match up as equals. And in your storys i can sense the strengh and willpower of both of them which made those boys so preacious to me.

Only one thing is realy disturbing me: tomorrow i have to go to work and there is no way of getting those pictures you sat in my minde out of my head... There is this odd grin on my face .. people will think i'm gone mad ( finally)*sidgh*

very well, im obviously one of the late ones. i actually watch DS9 the first time and I'm very happy that your storys are available after this long time.

So at least: thankful, happy greeting from germany ;-)

Aug. 27th, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you!
Thank you so much! It's such great fun to get comments still, especially such wonderful comments as yours.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed these fics. I was late coming to DS9, too, but I absolutely fell in love with the series and found Bashir and Garak to be endlessly intriguing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! It just made my day!
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